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Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey

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Christopher P. Godek, MD Rhinoplasty Specialist

Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey Rhinoplasty New Jersey

ideal balance

Rhinoplasty New Jersey

A beautiful nose complements the rest of your facial features and enhances your overall look, as well as your health. Dr. Christopher Godek helps patients seeking rhinoplasty in New Jersey and across the country by bringing balance and harmony to their faces and improving their breathing.

Dr. Godek and his team are detail-oriented professionals who deliver personalized rhinoplasty treatments enhancing the form and function of your nose. We invite you to enjoy our rhinoplasty website for detailed information on Dr. Godek’s credentials and the array of rhinoplasty procedures available at our practice.

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With Exceptional Results

Artful Rhinoplasty Surgeries in New Jersey


You can also find a comprehensive gallery of before-and-after photos that provide a glimpse of the outstanding outcomes Dr. Godek has achieved.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

Artist. Innovator. Inventor. Educator. Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Christopher P. Godek, Director

Dr. Christopher Godek is a skilled and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon offering a wide variety of nasal surgery techniques.

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Throughout his career, Dr. Godek has cultivated a genuine passion for rhinoplasty, which is one of the most complex and rewarding plastic surgery procedures. He is careful to take a meticulously precise and delicate approach to these advanced treatments and will customize the procedure to your unique needs, goals, and expectations. Dr. Godek is extensively trained in rhinoplasty techniques designed to enhance aesthetics and/or improve nasal function and has successfully performed nose surgery for hundreds of patients.

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Finding Facial Harmony

Rhinoplasty New Jersey Featured Procedures

Our surgical options reflect our dedication to empowering our patients through artful, long-lasting enhancements to their physical appearance.

So whether you come to see our Rhinoplasty Specialist in New Jersey for a surgical or non-surgical nose job, you can expect the same high quality of care throughout the whole process.

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Reshape and Reimagine

New Jersey Rhinoplasty

Getting a rhinoplasty, or "nose job," is a delicate treatment that needs to be handled by a skilled and trusted plastic surgeon. Rhinoplasty is a highly individualized procedure that can improve the size and shape of a person's nose by reshaping the nostrils, the tip, or the nasal bridge. Primary rhinoplasty, revision (secondary) rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and non-surgical "liquid" rhinoplasty are just some of the rhinoplasty techniques Dr. Godek can use to deliver your ideal rhinoplasty results.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

Take in the fresh air.

Septoplasty in New Jersey

Septoplasty can be a life-changing procedure when a deviated septum is the cause of a person's nasal issues. The nasal wall can be reconstructed in an outpatient procedure, improving nasal airflow and relieving persistent issues, including epistaxis and sinusitis. Dr. Godek performs a wide variety of operations, including septoplasties.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

On The Mend

New Jersey Broken Nose (Nasal Fracture) Repair

Nose fractures are rather common due to the nose's central location and comparatively fragile anatomy, but this doesn't mean they're simple to repair. A fractured nose requires immediate attention from a rhinoplasty surgeon. However, broken noses often go untreated, resulting in a number of long-term functional and cosmetic problems. Dr. Godek can address these issues allowing you to breathe easier, get better sleep, and feel more confident.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

Complete Your Look

Male Rhinoplasty in New Jersey

Men can get rhinoplasty to make their noses coordinate with the rest of their facial features. It has been demonstrated that nose surgery can help men achieve better facial symmetry, reduce the appearance of flaws on the nose bridge, and get rid of a bulbous nasal tip. A skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon is required for a successful rhinoplasty in guys. That way, male patients can rest assured that they will receive enough care before, during, and after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

No Deviation

New Jersey Septal Perforation Repair

When the nasal septum sustains a tear or hole, the patient may require surgical intervention known as septal perforation repair. The septum aids the nasal mucous membranes and controls airflow through the nose. Nasal septal perforations can have significant medical effects, including pain, obstruction, and a whistling sound while breathing. Dr. Godek can assess your perforation and determine if it needs surgery or alternative treatment to get you breathing better.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

Redefine Your Future

Teen Rhinoplasty in New Jersey

Like an adult rhinoplasty, teen rhinoplasty is a procedure designed for teenagers that can alter the nose's size and form to fit the patient's other facial features better. At a crucial juncture in their development, this treatment can also give them a much-needed confidence boost. Dr. Godek takes care to assess teen patients cautiously to determine if teen patients have physically developed to the point where rhinoplasty is justified before undergoing any procedures.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey
Rhinoplasty New Jersey

A Shore Thing

New Jersey Rhinoplasty Services for Out-of-Town Patients

Dr. Godek’s skills and expertise attract many patients who want the best from all over. We want to help accommodate all those visiting New Jersey to get rhinoplasty. We offer concierge care to help you arrange your stay, including exclusive post-op care in a gorgeous townhome on the Jersey Shore, centrally located between Manhattan and Philadelphia. Make your next vacation one that you’ll remember fondly each time you look in the mirror by choosing Rhinoplasty New Jersey for your rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty New Jersey

Financing and Payment Options

Wondering whether you can afford cosmetic surgery? PatientFi™ helps you invest in yourself with flexible monthly payment plans! Apply to PatientFi™ today to learn about financing options without impacting your credit score.

“I can breathe again,
AND my nose is straight!”

Rhinoplasty New Jersey Testimonials

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Rhinoplasty New Jersey

“Dr. Godek is sharp, friendly, and on it. He is such a nice guy and a very bright doctor. He helped fix my nose to breathe better and also helped repair my eye during a freak accident that broke my orbit. It was a very delicate surgery that can relieve many with very bad double vision, and it went well with Dr. Godek. He is a doctor I feel the utmost confidence in, and I was never nervous during the process. The follow-up visits were comprehensive, and he and his staff explained what to expect each step of the way. I highly recommend Dr. Godek and the Personal Enhancement Center. You won’t find a better, more competent, sharp specialist doctor at the Jersey Shore. He is the BEST.”

— Brent G, New Jersey Rhinoplasty Patient

Rhinoplasty New Jersey

“Ever since I had broken my nose as a kid, I'd had so many issues. I put it off for many years, but after hearing such great things about Dr.Godek, I finally decided to take the plunge and have my nose fixed. Dr. Godek is kind and comforting, knowledgeable and brilliant. It's been five months, and I'm so happy that I had confidence in Dr. Godek, for results have far exceeded my expectations. No more allergies, snoring, coughing, sniffling, allergy meds, I can breathe again, AND my nose is straight!”

— Eric S., Broken Nose Repair, Pine Beach, NJ

Rhinoplasty New Jersey

“Dr. Godek is beyond excellent. His professionalism, kindness, patience, wealth of knowledge, and experience in all areas of his field make him THE person to trust with your surgery. His staff is equally exceptional. Dr. Godek is extremely gifted in his art, and my particular facial procedure was the most positive experience. I experienced very little discomfort and my result is natural and more than gorgeous. I look like myself again, but better. No need to look elsewhere as Dr. Godek is the very best!”

— M. Matalon, New Jersey

Rhinoplasty New Jersey

“I never had more confidence with any other doctor in my whole life like I do with Dr. Godek. He is professional, well-mannered, knowledgeable, and very supportive. Extremely talented. He got me through some really tough times. He always adds that personal touch. And His staff it's quite amazing. I can't say enough about it. Top-notch.”

— Linda B., Freehold, NJ

Rhinoplasty New Jersey

“After having a bad experience with a different doctor, Doctor Godek and his entire staff made sure I was more than comfortable and happy before and after my surgery. Everyone was so nice and accommodating to my needs. I was extremely nervous, but everyone helped me through it, and also the nurses at the surgery center were amazing. … Thank you to the whole staff for being so helpful and nice. I highly recommend them!!”

— Melanie, Toms River, NJ

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Rhinoplasty New Jersey

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Rhinoplasty New Jersey Ideals and Principles

Dr. Godek is committed to performing the highest quality rhinoplasty in a private, professional, and secure setting. As a result, his patients can rest assured that they will be cared for by an experienced plastic surgeon and supported by an equally well-versed staff in the field.

Cosmetic enhancements, sophisticated restoration, and concierge wellness and beauty treatments to support your continued health and beauty are all part of our comprehensive approach to patient care. Dr. Godek strives to provide patients with the best possible results from their rhinoplasty procedures by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and time-tested surgical methods. Our daily efforts on patients' behalf are grounded in these ideals and principles.

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Rhinoplasty New Jersey

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To enhance the form and function of your nose, Dr. Christopher Godek and his team at Rhinoplasty New Jersey are unrivaled in the Tri-State area. Their dedication to detail and commitment to quality care will ensure you are comfortable and ready for a life-changing rhinoplasty. Schedule your consultation today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have!