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Broken Nose Repair in New Jersey

Broken Nose Repair

Broken Nose Repair at The Rhinoplasty Clinic in New Jersey

More often than not, broken bones require medical care to heal properly. That goes for your nose! It’s essential for your future health and appearance to get a complete medical evaluation of a nose that may be broken. Dr. Godek will customize your broken nose repair treatment according to your injury and nasal anatomy. Full communication between patient and doctor is vitally important. Provide as much information as possible regarding your injury and how it occurred. Also, disclose any previous nasal injuries and list all medications you take.

Fix It Right!

What is Broken Nose Repair?

Nasal fractures can involve broken bones, broken cartilage, or both. Broken noses can occur in different locations and with varying levels of severity and complications. The best time to evaluate a possible fracture is in the first 24 hours following the injury, although sometimes it’s best to wait about three days until swelling has subsided. But from that point on, treatment decisions can get tricky. In many cases, your doctor may be able to manually reposition your injured bone and cartilage and then splint and pack your nose.

Broken Nose Repair Surgery should generally be performed in the first seven days if surgery is required or recommended. After that, broken bones will begin to fuse and may be misaligned. If surgery is later done after that time frame, it may be necessary to re-break your nose before realigning it.

Broken Nose Repair in New Jersey  Toms River

Don’t Just “Let It Slide.”

What are the benefits of Broken Nose Repair?

It’s risky to assume that your injured nose will heal naturally, completely, and smoothly. However, with a Broken Nose Repair New Jersey patients that visit us can gain not only protection for their health but also peace of mind.

Accurate Diagnosis And Assessment Is Essential.

Your Broken Nose Repair Consultation

Dr. Christopher Godek is the state’s preeminent board-certified nose surgeon. He combines elite-level surgical training and experience with advanced listening and “people” skills. Dr. Godek wants to be your “go-to doc” if you have a nasal injury. He encourages you to book a consultation online or by phone for Broken Nose Repair or other nasal concerns. You can reach our New Jersey office at (732) 281-1988 or our Wall Township facility at (732) 375-0202.

Executing The Right Plan

Your Broken Nose Repair Procedure

Because no two broken noses are exactly alike, there is no “set procedure” for nose repair surgery. While local anesthesia may be sufficient, more extensive surgery can require general anesthesia. At our practice in New Jersey Broken nose repair is typically an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home later on the same day of your surgery. Successful treatment is dependent first on establishing an accurate diagnosis. More often than not, a quick physical exam is sufficient for a doctor to determine if you have a broken nose. You may receive a numbing agent to make the exam more comfortable.

Broken Nose Repair in New Jersey  Toms River

What To Expect

Broken Nose Repair Results

Results after your Broken Nose Repair procedure are evaluated by how well your nasal appearance and breathing function are restored, as well as by the stability of the repair. For example, medical data indicate that “closed” surgeries–in which all incisions are made inside the nostrils–carry a 95 percent success rate in satisfactorily repairing fractured nasal bones.

Finishing The Job

Broken Nose Repair Recovery and Aftercare

If your Broken Nose Repair procedure included the placement of nasal splints and packing in your nose, or the placement of a cast on the outside of your nose, those materials are typically removed at your first postoperative appointment, about a week after surgery. We recommend you take at least three days off before returning to work and avoid strenuous activity, including heavy lifting, for a couple of weeks. Dr. Godek will provide you with detailed recovery and aftercare instructions.

Broken Nose Repair Frequently Asked Questions

An ice bag or a bag of frozen peas can reduce swelling. Elevating your head may be helpful. If you are bleeding, applying continuous pressure with your thumb and forefinger for at least 15 minutes can often stop the flow.

No. If your nose has not changed in structural appearance and your breathing is not affected, you may not need to visit a doctor. But if this is not the case, it’s vital that you get checked out. Any contact violent enough to have rearranged your nose may also have damaged other facial bones and teeth.

Since a broken nose is an injury that can compromise your health, the Broken Nose Repair procedure is typically covered by insurance. However, it is best to check with your insurance provider about your coverage options.

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To enhance the form and function of your nose, Dr. Christopher Godek and his team at Rhinoplasty New Jersey are unrivaled in the Tri-State area. Their dedication to detail and commitment to quality care will ensure you are comfortable and ready for a life-changing rhinoplasty. Schedule your consultation today. We look forward to answering any questions you may have!