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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is a uniquely customized nose surgery procedure designed for patients who are of non-Caucasian descent. This advanced form of rhinoplasty involves surgical techniques that are tailored to achieve one’s individual aesthetic or functional goals while retaining distinct characteristics of their heritage. “Ethnic rhinoplasty” is actually more of an umbrella term for a procedure that will take the specific ethnicity and ancestral features of each patient into account; therefore, the procedure may be referred to as African-American rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty, Hispanic rhinoplasty, or other term based on the individual patient’s heritage. These treatments are essentially standard rhinoplasty procedures; however, they involve a surgical approach that is particularly sensitive to the aesthetic preferences of patients who would like to ensure they can achieve their overall goals without sacrificing features that are unique to their ethnicity. 

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During your initial consultation with our rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Christopher Godek will talk with you about your goals for rhinoplasty and answer all of your questions. He will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your nose and take high-definition photos for use in a state-of-the-art imaging system called Mirror® 3D. This advanced technology allows for a genuinely collaborative treatment planning process, enabling Dr. Godek to show you detailed images of your nose and modify its appearance on the video monitor to give you a clear picture of what the results from rhinoplasty may potentially look like. With Mirror® 3D, you can tell Dr. Godek exactly what you are hoping to achieve and he can make adjustments based on your aesthetic desires and his recommendations on how your goals can be attained with the most natural-looking results possible. 

Once your personalized treatment plan is in place, Dr. Godek can talk more with you about what you can expect from the procedure and the recovery process. For general information on rhinoplasty surgery and recovery from rhinoplasty, please visit the respective sections on this page. If you have additional questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Godek, please contact our office and we will be happy to speak with you!